All natural dental treats for dogs

Here’s something to woof about – finally, a healthier and great alternative to Rawhides!
Sick and tired of unethical ingredients and harmful chemicals, we are inspired to create Altimate Pet Dental Chews. When it comes to upholding our core values, we insists on quality and never to settle for second best.

Introducing the first of its kind, Rawhide-free dental chew! Altimate Pet Dental Chews is born with the sole purpose to give a whole new meaning to dog dental chews.

Easy to digest

Freshens Breath

Maintain Healthy Gums

Delicious & Nutritious

Why spend hundred and thousand dollars at the doggy dentist when all you need is a chew a day to help keep your dog’s dental hygiene in check?

A chew a day, helps reduce plaque by nearly 70%

Chewing is an excellent way to keep your dog’s oral health in top shape. Offer them a piece of Altimate Dental Chew. The act itself will help to exercise the jaw muscles and scrapes plaque and tartar off of the teeth.



No Harmful Ingredients

Rawhide free

Meat free

Grain free

Potato free

How does the chew works?

The simple mechanical action of chewing make that differences.

Scientifically designed grooves

Increase tooth surface contact

Scrape off plaque & tartar as they chew

Comes in Three breath-freshening flavors and Five Variety Designs

Altimate Pet Dental Chews are not only cute-looking but they are specially designed with grooves for maximum tooth-scraping benefit and effective cleaning.




Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend feeding your dogs one Altimate Pet Dental Chew a day from our original series. When feeding our Variety Pack series, do adjust according to your pet’s needs as they are smaller in size.